Thursday, July 4, 2024

Next Meeting: July 17th, Stitch Day

GTAG was treated to a fabulous talk this week from the multi-award-winning textile artist based in the UK, Catherine Hill. Her needlework has been exhibited in the UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Ukraine, and Australia. We felt so fortunate that Catherine found time to come and share her exhibits, and her story with our group. Hand embroidered vintage red Sylko text forms the foundation of her pieces and it was fascinating to learn the processes she uses in her planning and in the execution of her work. Catherine explained that she composes the narratives before stitching with two hands and with each stitch she recreates the rhythm of her own handwriting.

Below are only  a few of the pieces of textile art that Catherine brought with her to illustrate her talk.

This amazing stitching was mounted in a cigar box. The matchbox is an actual 3D stitched piece. It was unbelievable! The photograph does not do the work justice.

What a tribute to the Coronation. A stitched recipe piece.

The fabulous words here are stitched onto a piece of her own naturally died fabric.

Catherine's memories are all in stitch.

The red seeding on the piece below represents all those that died. The piece is so moving.

The July prompts for “Our Year of Colour” are: Turquoise, Generous and Simple

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Next Meeting: July 3rd, Stitch Morning followed in the afternoon with a talk from Catherine Hill at 1:30 pm.


During the morning there will be an opportunity to exchange our "emerald green, idealistic and natural pieces" and select the next month's colour and prompt cards for us to work on and exchange on Wednesday 7th August. 

Catherine Hill will be our guest speaker in the afternoon. Hand embroidered text forms the foundation of all Catherine’s work. Using cotton cloth, vintage Sylko threads and traditional embroidery techniques she documents memories and Lancashire's social history. Catherine composes the narratives then stitches them. With each stitch she recreates the rhythm of her own handwriting. In this talk, Catherine shares her journey into textiles and explains the stories behind her artwork.